In the era of Globalization, women have been participating in almost every field of work, be it any part, or any segment of the society, women have reached the heights and achieved the glory. To be independent, social responsibility or the urge to do something for the society are the main factors which has helped them to reach their goal facing all the challenges. The Women working for the AHILYA MAHILA MANDAL, serve as a true example. Ahilya as this name is led in memory of AHILYA BAI HOLKAR, Who was a social reformer, and especially contributed for women's welfare and their upliftment in society.

Ahilya Mahila Mandal was founded in the year 1996, since then it has been working in the field of women's welfare and upliftment. This Voluntary organization is run only by women. Especially to quote all the working members here are housewives. Efficiently managing their house and family responsibilities, these women spare ample time for this noble cause.

Women have an important role in individuals life, but these women's at Ahilya Mahila Mandal have very special role in many peoples life, as this Voluntary organization works in the small village and town, benefiting more than 500 women per year. Making rural women stronger, and enabling them all the skills required to maintain themselves, and to fulfill their families and other responsibilities.